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Stained Glass Lanterns


Sultans ritual is a combination of Awal, Arav, Kayma & Geisha

In this beautiful session you will be disrobed by your gorgeous practitioner, she will take your clothes off one by one. You will then be seated in the shower and washed down, all the excess stresses and worries will be washed away.

Then onto the TurkishBath experience table, soap bubbles and beautiful body to body massage while being washed down with soap lather and massaged with soap bubbles. 

Our massage uses soothing massage techniques such as stroking and kneading help penetrate deep into your body's muscles. It will ease tightness and tension and leave you with a renewed sense of relaxation and well-being.  

Using a beautiful exfoliation experience, all the dead skin is cleared from your body and then a beautiful sensual erotic relief to finish off the session. 


After that, she will wash you once again on the seat and then when you are thoroughly relaxed, without lifting a finger, she will Dry you and dressed you back up again piece by piece. 

Finishing with a beautiful ceremony of pleasure and pampering. This session is only offered as a 90 minute experience. 


Indulgence sessions and prices

90 Minutes   from $450 




Contact us daily from 09:45am - 20:00pm

SMS: 0499 382 159


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