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Enjoy this sensual massage ritual and take a trip inside yourself. Experience how it feels to deliberately submit control and be defenceless. Gently bound in soft leather cuffs, you deliver yourself up to the soft hands of your masseuse.

Enjoy the closeness and intimacy of the moment, while your masseuse pampers you with a sophisticated combination of a gentle relaxing massage and a stimulating body-to-body massage, all based on the rules of the art. As your massaging angel writhes seductively against you, you can gradually let yourself go. You can feel how your senses are being awoken and sensuously stimulated with every single pore of your skin. 

Deliberate abandon increases the levels of sensuality. You will notice how your perception is increased and how all your senses are heightened. Every touch by your massaging angel feels more intense and more intoxicating. A bound massage is particularly well suited to anyone in need of deep relaxation and unconditional acceptance for once.

Indulgence sessions and prices

60 Minutes from $250.

90 Minutes from $400 

120 Minutes from $450.

SMS  to book in

0499 382 159

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