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Slippery and sensual massage similar in style to the Nuru. 

This sensual experience in such a beautiful pampering that you will come back for more. 

using a slippery type of Geru Gel, this is soft, slippery and beautiful. 

Nuru and Geru is a unique blend of body slides using all body parts, from thighs, buttocks, feet, forearms and back to allow a full body contact experience. 

Optional Free Extra: ARAV WASHDOWN (mention when you book in)

You will also be washed and bathed in ARAV Style. 

Seated in a chair, she will wash you, bathe you while you watch her movements maneuvering all around you. 

Sessions are from $250hr. 

SMS to book with what time suits to 0499 382 159 for an appointment today

Indulgence sessions and prices

90 Minutes  from $400 AUD

120 Minutes  from $500.AUD


Contact us daily from 09:45 - 20:00

Sms 0499 382 159

Products and ambiance:

The Kayma massage takes place on a comfortable futon. The body-to-body massage is performed using Slippery gel.

More information

At present, exotic massages are very trendy - both in the private bedroom and in professional massage studios. The special appeal is based on the unique combination of sensuality and relaxation as well as the unification of body, spirit and soul. The Kayma massage is a form of exotic massage and stems from Europe.. It is characterised by a special sliding factor. The typical picture of a Kayma massage are two partners sliding back and forth on top of each other.

Exotic massages are experiencing a boom. They help recovering sensuality in a long-standing relationship. And they help singles to experience creative adventures. In the professional area a Kayma massage can catapult people into totally different spheres, because here in the hands of professionals are at work rather in the hands of laymen. This creates a unique combination of wellness, health and exoticism.

The slippery massage: 

"Kayma" can be translated as "very smooth" or "slippery". The exotic interplay is characterised by a lot of "smoothness". The partners slide back and forth on top of each other. Physical closeness, the cosy feeling of sliding and the stimulation of the entire body by a second person can lead up to the climax. The naked body of the other person should be perceived as intensely as possible. The closeness between the two bodies on its own can already ensures a lot of excitement. In a private setting a Kayma massage is often the foreplay leading to sex. In the professional area there is no sexual intercourse. Here, the parties involved stick to the body to body massage. A sliding gel eases the sliding of the two bodies. But not just any gel can be used. We only use a special slippery gel. This is a sliding gel, which has been developed especially for this type of massage. It is produced with sea algae, and it is especially suitable for longer massages. Many sliding gels dry to quickly, which makes the gel a suitable alternative. It is also transparent and odourless, and can be washed off easily. It also does not matter that the gel develops fine threads, as soon as the bodies move with each other.

What does a Kayma massage specifically look like?

First, the sliding gel is gently spreads on the entire body. This is the first exotic contact. And it is the first possibility to start massaging selected body parts. Then the full body massage starts. It is important, that really only the body is used as a massaging tool. The masseuses and masseurs slide millimetre by millimetre across the wet body. Additionally, they wiggle around. In the erogenous zones the body contact can be more intense. Gentle pressure has a particularly exciting effect. In the beginning, the slippery touch may still be a bit unusual. But later you will discover new moves and new feelings. Finally the massage can be left to the two bodies, which melt two into one unit and move and touch each other in the same rhythm. This is the true pleasure of a Kayma massage.

To ensure that the bodies can stay united as long as possible, you do not need a massage oil, but the special massage gel. It is particularly slippery, which helps promoting exotic feelings best. Both participants make full use of their bodies, even when the masseuses and masseurs can adjust the movement and rhythm with their experience and their intuition depending on the situation.

The Kayma massage takes place in a stimulating, exciting and sensual environment. This allows you both to melt into one unity. Candlelight, dimmed lights, upon request certainly music or suitable smells create a soothing and tender atmosphere. The body slide, i.e. the special massage technique of the entire body is normally done starting low and sliding upwards. Bottom and breasts are particularly suitable for the massage and extremely appealing.

All in all, the Kayma massage is a sexy oil massage, which is particularly appealing thanks to its "slippery" closeness. The fact that the entire body is used makes this massage a special experience, because you experience all body parts directly skin to skin - both your own and those of your partner. As everything is slippery, there are no uncomfortable or rough movements. Everything slides, and the movements develop their own rhythm.

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